aXessor for ROKIT Locator

by Bosch Rexroth

   Platforms: Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu 16, 18 & 20

    Release: End of 2020

   Engine / Language: Unity3D / C#

   Special Hardware: Pokinis and Server with deployed laser localization API, Pokinis connected with laser scanner.

   Contribution: Mainly 3D world visualization, navigation and camera controls. Implementations e.g. logic of lists and tables, event system, user input system, design handling. NUnit automated testing. QA, bug fixing, polishing.

   Description: This software is designed to work with the laser localization API from Rexroth and offers a wide variety of administrive and observative functionalities for the customers AGV (automated guided vehivle) fleet. The software is very UX-driven and provides the user with an innovative good look and feel. Gamification concepts and 3D visualization was implemented for a new perspective on otherwise not so interesting tasks.

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