Eye Levitation

at University of Media Stuttgart

   Subject: Software Project for Thesis

    Type: Single Player Game

   Engine / Language: Unity3D / C#

   Dev Team Size  & Development Time: 1 & 4 weeks

   Special Hardware: HTC Vive with built-in Tobii Eye Tracking.

   Contribution: This was a solo project, everything was done by myself.

   Description: Accompanying my bachelor thesis with its title “Levitation by Gaze — Three-dimensional Object Translation Solely Using Gaze Inside of a Head-mounted Display” a game was developed, using only gaze to translate and manipulate objects in all three dimensions. Objects of three different categories would shoot out of a canon towards the player and the player would interact with them according to their category, which was destroying, collecting and shooting. The game is playable both by gaze and controller and was developed with a HTC Vive with a built-in eye tracking system made by Tobii, which was provided to me by Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. The project was accomplished alone and tested in an usability study with 35 participants.